Danish Ombudsman Wins Shorter Response Times

22 October 2015

The Danish ombudsman has successfully pressured the government to reduce the response times for information requests from as high as 27 weeks to eight weeks.

The development was reported by Jorgen Skadhede in a Journalisten (in Danish) and in a statement from the Ombudsman.

“It is a cornerstone of the new offentlighedslov that cases of access must be treated quickly. This also applies to complaints, otherwise it does not make much sense to complain about the refusal. It is therefore encouraging that there is now being tightened in the state administration, ” ombudsman Joergen Steen Soerensen said in a statement (in Danish).

The goal, by the summer of 2016, will be to reduce the processing time for requests to no more than eight weeks in even the most complicated cases.

“In practice, the response time of both the State Administration and the Ombudsman, however, reach 15 weeks and still respect the target,” Journalisten reported.

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