OGP Selects Six Persons to Join Steering Committee

22 April 2016

Six new civil society members have been selected to join the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee, including one incumbent member.

The 6 selected candidates are:

  • Aidan Eyakuze (Twaweza – Tanzania) – will start in May
  • Helen Darbishire (Access Info Europe – based in Spain) – will start in September
  • Maria Baron (Directorio Legislativo –Argentina) – will start in September
  • Robin Hodess (Transparency International – Germany) – will start in September
  • Suneeta Kaimal (NRGI – US) – the incumbent who will continue
  • Zuzana Wienk (Fair Play Alliance – Slovakia) – will start in May

The choices by a selection committee have been endorsed by the current civil society members of the Steering Committee, but not yet formally announced.

The final six were picked from a “short-list” of 16 candidates with an eye toward “striking a balance between individual experience and expertise, and diversity, needs, and composition of the Steering Committee as a whole,” according to an earlier OGP blog post about the process.

The same blog post includes the resumes of the candidates, endorsement letters and in some cases their statements. Also shown are the “scores” given the candidates by the selection panel, though the scores seem not to have dictated the final picks.

The Steering Committee is composed of equal numbers of representatives from member governments and civil society.

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