Nepal Commission Orders Access to Government Offices

19 May 2016

The National Information Commission has ordered the government to provide access to Singha Durbar, the government secretariat complex, for persons seeking to exercise their rights under the Right to Information Act.

The commission issued the order in response to an application filed the Chairman of the Freedom Forum Taranath Dahal and several hundred youths associated with the “Open Singha Durbar” campaign. See account in Review Nepal and an article in The Himalayan Times.

“This order has been issued as per the Clause 19 (h) of the Right to Information Act, 2064 in the name of the Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal and the Secretary-General of the Legislature-Parliament to make arrangements for the citizens to register application seeking information, keeping in contact with the information officers and get the information sought by filing a complaint with the office chief of the offices located inside the Singha Durbar complex in accordance with the Right to Information Act, 2064 for putting in place an appropriate system to make the access of the general public to information retained by the public bodies inside the Singha Durbar easy and simple,” reads the order issued by the tribunal.

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