Peruvian Groups Protest Government FOI Decree

26 January 2017

Peruvian transparency groups are protesting a new regulation that they called “a serious setback” to access to information.

The decree creates the “national authority for transparency” as a kind of FOI ombudsman, but with few powers or independence. It is a new office within the Ministry of Justice, without the capacity to control the use of exceptions of the 2002 FOI law, according to a statement (in Spanish) signed by almost 50 nongovernmental organizations.

Among their concerns is that the new Peruvian executive decree (1353) will allow public entities to establish the term of the response to requests.

The decree also creates the Administrative Court to resolve cases where the information is denied. Appeals through the Judiciary remain possible.

The groups point out that the government ignored the recommendations of a working group of experts appointed to make them.

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