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  • 26 March 2015

    US Group Creates Ratings on Open Government, RTI

    The World Justice Project has created an “Open Government Index” that rates 102 countries in four categories, including right to information. “Instead of measuring what the law says, we measure how these laws are experienced by ordinary people interacting with their governments around the world,” according to the report issued March 26 by the Washington-based […]

  • 13 March 2015

    Proactive Disclosure Lags in US, Archive Audit Finds

    Only 40 percent of US government agencies systematically post online the records released through Freedom of Information Act requests, according to an audit done by the National Security Archive. The Archive team audited 165 federal agencies and found only 67 with online libraries populated with significant numbers of released FOIA documents and regularly updated. Proactive […]

  • 12 March 2015

    FOI Notes: Open Data, World Bank, FOI Research, Mexico, US, India, Construction Transparency

    United States: The FOIA Project is conducting a poll on the “worst FOIA failure,” with six candidates. Awlaki Memo FBI Drones Snowden Damage Secret Surveillance Bay of Pigs History Kennedy FBI File Open Data/FOI: Reflections by Lauranellen McCann urges attention to the civic role of technology, not just the proliferation of tools. Looking back at […]

  • 11 March 2015

    US Agencies Improve Slightly in ATI Scorecard Ratings

    Eight of 15 major U.S. agencies improved their scores on an “Access to Information Scorecard,” according to a report by a nongovernmental organizational, which reported that federal agencies “are still struggling to effectively and consistently implement public disclosure rules.” The report was the second comparative study by the Center for Effective Government and it concerns […]

  • 11 March 2015

    Women Disadvantaged on Access to Info, Study Finds

    Guatemalan women “face deep inequities in exercising their fundamental right of access to information,” according to a study (in Spanish) from The Carter Center’s Global Access to Information Initiative. At a Feb. 18 stakeholders meeting, participants developed recommendations in response to the findings. The study was carried out in five government departments and Guatemala City. […]

  • 6 March 2015

    DFID Says Transparency, ATI Medium Corruption Solutions

    A 110-page British government report evaluating the causes of corruption, and possible solutions, rates access to information as having “medium” value in fighting corruption, linked to one of two “large” impact factors — social accountability mechanisms. The summary section states: “Transparency and ATI emerge as important for the exercise of other rights, improving service delivery […]

  • 26 February 2015

    Jamaican Activist Urges Donor Push on Transparency

    Foreign aid should be more directly tied to governments’ efforts to improve their transparency and donors should place more emphasis on greater grassroots involvement, according to Aylair Livingstone, a Jamaican transparency activist who presented an overview of access in the Caribbean at a World Bank webinar. Livingston summarized the freedom of information situation in the […]

  • 26 February 2015

    FOI Notes: Country Reports, Open Data, US States, More

    Canada: “Alberta Premier Jim Prentice has personally ordered that documents from all general freedom of information requests be publicly posted, despite serious concerns from the civil servants responsible for implementing the new policy, CBC News has learned.” according to a CBC report that highlights negative reactions to the move. Oregon: Incoming governor Kate Brown announces […]

  • 19 February 2015

    FOI Notes: Research, Country News, Tips, More

    FOI Research: Gregory Michener has an article in Governance titled “How Cabinet Size and Legislative Control Shape the Strength of Transparency Laws.” Also see shorter version in Democratic Audit UK. Summary: When are governments likely to adopt strong transparency laws?  Greg Michener says that too much of the existing research has tried to answer that […]

  • 5 February 2015

    Mendel Paper Suggests Ways to Improve Implementation

    Ideas for improving the implementation of right to information laws are discussed in a new “working paper,” by Toby Mendel, Director of the Centre for Law and Democracy. The 30-page “Designing Right to Information Laws for Effective Implementation,” was the subject of a webinar sponsored by the World Bank Feb. 5. Some of the suggestions are […]

  • 20 November 2014

    Study Examines Success of FOI Request Platforms

    The first study of the growing number of nongovernmental platforms that facilitate freedom of information requests has found limited evidence of measurable impact but some encouraging signs. The 27 sites studied, most of which have emerged in the last four years, have been technologically workable, weathered government resistance and face future sustainability challenges, according to […]

  • 19 November 2014

    World Bank Previews Study of RTI Law Implementation

    The World Bank Nov. 19 previewed a detailed analysis of the factors that determine effective implementation of right to information laws, The  analysis is based on a closer look at 12 case studies done over the last several years by the Bank. Analysts coded the information from the studies to isolate factors that influenced implementation effectiveness. […]

  • 12 November 2014

    Asia Foundation Report Finds Many Implementation Issues

    Awareness of right to know laws in three Southeast Asian countries is very low and public officials report many obstacles to implementing the RTI laws, according to a new report by the Asia Foundation. The study was done in partnership with civil society organizations in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, and with the foundation’s country office […]

  • 6 November 2014

    FOI Notes: Corporate Transparency, Tshwane, India, UK, US, Open Data, More

    Corporate Transparency: Transparency International issues a report on Transparency in Corporate Reporting about the websites of the world’s 124 largest publicly traded companies. Also see Guardian article. Tshwane Principles: Open Society Foundations issues “a new and final version of the Global Principles on National Security and the Right to Information (the Tshwane Principles) in Spanish. […]

  • 30 October 2014

    FOI Notes: UK, India, UK, OGP, Open Budgets, Pakistan, More

    United Kingdom: Joe Reddington in a blog post writes about a paper by Alexander J Fowler, and others: “The UK Freedom of Information Act (2000) in healthcare research: a systematic review.“ In an interview, Fowler says among other things: I think the FOI Act is a hugely powerful tool for medical research – especially policy type […]

  • 23 October 2014

    Carnegie Commentators Score Use of Four Principles

    “Four key principles—accountability, transparency, participation, and inclusion—have in recent years become nearly universal features of the policy statements and programs of international development organizations. Yet this apparently widespread new consensus is deceptive: behind the ringing declarations lie fundamental fissures over the value and application of these concepts. Understanding and addressing these divisions is crucial to […]

  • 2 October 2014

    Africa’s Progress on RTI Assessed in Two Reports

    Two key groups advocating for right to information laws in Africa have issued detailed reports, both calling for intensified efforts to continue progress and taking a close look at national situations. The Africa Freedom of Information Centre Sept. 29 launched its first State of the Right to Information in Africa Report. The report is on […]

  • 15 September 2014

    FOI Notes: Transparency Research, Open Contracting, Global Conference Invites Papers

    Transparency Research: A new version of the #OpenGovNow portal includes data from a survey conducted in 62 countries to measure perceptions and demand for openness. Country by country data is available on the answers to the questions of “How open is your government?” and “Do you want your government to be more open?” It also includes […]

  • 11 September 2014

    FOI Center of Armenia Issues Comprehensive Evaluation

    Using a new and comprehensive assessment tool, the Freedom of Information Center of Armenia has evaluated and compared the level of transparency and openness of the Armenian government bodies. The center used 53 criteria to create the transparency ratings and plans to repeat the study annually. Thirty-seven state administration bodies were evaluated this year including […]

  • 10 September 2014

    World Bank Sees Gaps on Data About Access

    Data about national right to information systems is weak and widely varied, according to a World Bank report unveiled Sept. 10, and there’s a need for “a global dialogue on reporting standards.” “It is very import to get the information so you can improve the process if it is not working,” said Stephanie E. Trapnell, […]